Homestead Exemption Update

Apr 16, 2024

Fort Bend County MUD 116 approves Homestead Exemption increase effective January 1, 2024

The Board of Directors for Fort Bend Municipal Utility District No. 116 (FBCMUD 116) is pleased to announce an exemption increase for both the general homestead and resident homestead.

Under Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No 116’s policy, eligible residents can receive an exemption on a portion of their property’s assessed value, resulting in savings on their annual tax bills. The available exemptions fall under two following sections:

Section 1: The Board of Directors of the District hereby exempts from ad valorem taxation by the District \$25,000 of the appraised value of residence homesteads of individuals who are disabled or are sixty-five years of age or older, as authorized by Article VIII, Section 1-b(b), Texas Constitution and Section 11.13, Texas Property Tax Code, as amended. No person may claim both exemptions, but a person qualifying for both may choose the exemption that he or she wishes to have applied to his or her property.

Section 2: The Board of Directors of the District hereby exempts from ad valorem taxation by the District 20% of the appraised value (but not less than \$5,000) of the residence homesteads of married or unmarried adults, including one living alone, pursuant to Article VIII, Section 1-b(e), Texas Constitution.

As a homeowner, you can choose only one of these options.

Please note that not all homeowners are eligible for the homestead exemptions. To qualify, residents must use their property as their primary residence and must have owned the property on or before January 1, 2024. Homeowners must submit an application to the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District to have their property designated as a homestead to receive the over 65 or disabled exemption.

We also want to emphasize that the adoption of the homestead exemption is just one of the many ways Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No 116 is working to support our community. We encourage all eligible residents to take advantage of this opportunity.

Website: Fort Bend Central Appraisal District

Wheeler and Associates, Inc, the District’s tax assessor, is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your homestead exemption.

Wheeler and Associates, Inc

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